Foundation Of Your Business

You will receive a website to stand the test of time, we’ll make sure you have the latest security features, plugins are always up to date and most importantly a stunningly visual website that will bring constant returning clients. As competition is fierce in this sector, we’ll guarantee you every bit of effort, that will match the world class quality, that can only be approved by one of our experts here at The Dudas Group.

Let's Take You Through The Design Process

We start off by having you submit all your information through our online form based on all your preferences like colors or themes etc.

Before we start, we run through the design options that best suit your needs, like themes and features, once we have your approval, we will begin creating your website.

We submit your website for final approval before publication if you’re not satisfied with a certain element we can provide 3 revisions.


In Business first impressions are everything, and this couldn’t be further from the truth with this mind blowing statistic, website design accounts for over 94% of first impressions, now that’s a fierce number, however with our industry leading expertise, we’ll create you a site to last a lifetime. This next goal is the lifeline of your business, and that’s to absolutely eliminate a poor user experience, because 89% makes up for this loss, just another reason you’re in the right hands. Lastly we take a deep dive into our mobile users, as smartphones are now the talk of the town, mobile devices have seemingly increased by over 120 Million units in the past year alone, producing 5.16 Billion users in the world, that’s why 74% of consumers are far more likely to return to your mobile optimized site. So the end result is creating you the best looking, informative website, that is 100% mobile friendly.


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