Web design is the displayed design of websites that are shown to the internet users. It mostly has to do with the user-experience aspects of website development, and not software development. Web design is an umbrella for many different disciplines and skills in the creation and sustenance of websites. There are five different areas of web design, and they are as follows: 1. Web Graphic Design, 2. Interface Design, 3. Authoring—which includes proprietary software and standardized code, 4. User Experience Design, and 5. Search Engine Optimization Web design is essential to grab your audience's attention. It determines how people perceive your brand. The impression your website makes on them can either get people to stay on your page and find out more about your business or skip your page and turn to your competitors'. Good web design can help you grow and keep your leads on your page. Experts at The Dudas Group are exceptional at web designing. We provide you with the latest and the most catchy web designs.

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