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There are so many social media platforms out there, with new ones popping up all the time! this makes it so hard to choose from, especially when you have no idea where to start or which platform is recommended, at The Dudas Group, we’ll take care of your needs from start to finish as we have the sharpest knowledge in the industry and have compiled a list of platforms you should be targeting, and how that affects your immediate goals. We will also plan out a successful ad copy with all the right words and images to boost your brand, let's get started today!

Turn Social Engagement Into Paying Clients Today!

First, we will start with a budget that’s best suited to your business goals, and how often you want your ad to display. This is calculated as a daily ad spend budget, we encourage starting at a suitable position and re-evaluating every 90 days to ensure success.

Next, we’ll focus on a custom ad copy suited for your business, that will include the best images/video and have it approved by you before we publish, once the ad is up, we’ll run daily engagement boosting more viewers.

Once your ad has been running daily based on the allotted budget, and we’ve given enough time for social engagement, potential clients will click your link to visit your site, turning into a lead, that’s where you can follow up with this lead.


We’ll be going over some amazing social media marketing facts, now there’s way to many to be listing them all out, however we’ve taken 3 of the best to be watching out for. It’s no secret that Instagram is absolutely crushing it on the market, so much so, that 500 Million users check it daily, yes you heard right! that means unlimited potential of running your sponsored ads through instagram. No body likes reading a boring ad, so for this fun fact, having images included with your ads, are up to 90% more effective then regular ads. Now to top it all off, not only is YouTube the 2nd largest search engine on the planet, consumers actually love it, and prefer it! over all other social media marketing platforms by 83%. These are just 3 out of many platforms we can run your sponsored ads through.


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