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No one does it better then Google, they have the right foundation, technology and most importantly, a huge following of people on the internet, that can turn a visitor/user directly into a consumer, cashing you out, however before you begin this journey It’s super important to have an understanding of this groundbreaking formula that brings this all together, please read below.

3 Beneficial Factors For Successful Ad Campaigns!

Bidding is a huge component to your success, this is recognized by how much you’re willing to spend for a click on your ad by a potential client.

Google is very keyword-focused, so It’s absolutely crucial we select the best possible keywords, as this has a huge impact on cost as well.

The biggest factor of your success is the quality of your ads, we make sure that we put the most effort into creating stunning relevant ads that correlate to your niche.


This is why choosing The Dudas Group as your Marketing Agency is so critical to your success, because we keep up with Google’s fast pace logistics, ensuring a deep level of experience is presented. Lets talk Google Statistics for a moment, according to Google Investor Relations, they own about 97% of total revenue, stemming from just advertising alone. Another eye-opening fact, there are over 25 online search engines in the world like Bing and Yahoo to name a few, however, Google owns 71% of this search market share. Big numbers right? well here’s another, Google taps into 80% of internet users globally, through Google Display Campaigns.


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