Google Ads, formerly known as Google Ad words, is a type of Google’s advertisement system where advertisers bid on some specific keywords so that there ads, which are clickable, appear on Google’s search results. Google is always a win-win situation at this point; it makes money when the user clicks the ad and buys the services, and makes money from the advertiser themselves to get their ad on. As far as Google ads campaign is concerned, there’re five different types of campaigns and these are the following; Search Network, Display Network, Video (YouTube) Shopping and Universal apps. Each of the above campaigns has secondary features according to the need for functionality in the campaign, e.g., All features, Call-only, Marketing Objectives, etc. The usage of the above mentioned different campaign types are highly dependent on the type of business and individual need. We, at The Dudas Group, take care of your needs and consult you with a better and effective marketing package from the campaigns above.

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