The domain is the name of a website. It consists of two parts: 1. A name—for example, thedudasgroup 2. A domain—for example, .net, .com, .org, etc. There are many different types of domains. The three top-level domain categories are as follows: 1. Original level domains — .com, .edu, .net, .org, etc. 2. Country level domains — .fr, .us, .ca, .ar, .cl, .tv, .co, .in, .io, etc. 3. Second level domains —,, etc. Internet Assigned Numbers Authority maintains a whole list of domain names. These names can be purchased for a year and then are annually renewed. A domain name of your own will give your company a professional look. Another reason why you need a domain name is that you can protect trademarks and copyrights, brand awareness, increase creditability, and optimize search engine positioning of your website. We, at The Dudas Group, take the hassle of domain setup off of your hands so that you may have more time to invest in your business. That is sure to optimize your website.

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